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Private tutoring has seen a significant increase in popularity over the past few years, likely because it so effective in getting the desired results.

Often, when students are not happy with their grades, they can get stressed out, which typically makes the situation worse. 

An in-home private tutor can help relieve that stress by bringing your child up to speed for a particular subject, and teaching them new skills and techniques for studying and learning.

A private tutor will be extremely proficient in their subject area, which can help students become more engaged and excited about learning. In-home tutoring services can not only help students gain more knowledge and skills, it can also give them a confidence booster.

Why Should I Hire an In-Home Private Tutor?

If you live in Brampton, or anywhere around the GTA, an in-home tutor can be a terrific investment in your child’s future.

Generally, people have some questions about private tutoring before making a decision. Here are some private tutoring FAQs.

  1. Is a private home tutor what I’m looking for?

Students of all ranges and abilities can benefit from 1-1 home tutoring. Personalized homework help and class prep can really help students get caught up, or even ahead of the rest of the class.

1 to 1 focused attention can be very effective in helping students achieve their goals. It can be a great way to prepare for a big test and learn the study skills that can be applied to future tests as well.

Private home tutors can provide motivation and focus for students that have difficulty concentrating.

  1. Is private tutoring a worthwhile investment?

Private home tutors offer incredible value for the expense. Sessions will be personalized based on the learning style of your child, and the specific challenges they are facing. Delivered in the comfort of home, it doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

A safe and comfortable learning environment helps students excel. They feel like they can ask questions and offer possible solutions, without the worry of peer judgement.

  1. What does the average tutoring package look like?

Private in-home tutoring services can be customized to fit with your schedule, goals, and distinct needs.

You may want to start with one or two sessions a week and go from there. Sessions can be added or removed as needed. It is typically effective to start with a general comprehensive session, that covers a wide base of material for the chosen subject. 

Once the fundamentals have been covered, it is easier to branch out from there.

  1. How are private tutors matched with students?

An initial consultation will be done to get more information and to determine learning styles, personal goals, and what kind of personality would be a good match for your child.

Private home tutors will also be matched depending on grade, subject, and preferences.

Tutors are carefully matched with students, and generally the match is a good one. However, there are cases where the original match does not work out, for one reason or another, and in those situations replacements can be made.

  1. What kind of improvement can I expect to see with a private tutor?

The amount of improvement made with in-home tutoring services is dependent on a variety of factors. The biggest factor is often the dedication and commitment level of the student.

Other factors may include starting scores, end goals, and focus.

Home tutors can help set realistic goals that are achievable with sufficient effort. When expectations are reasonable, it is completely practical to meet and exceed those expectations with practice and hard work.

  1. How long will it take to see results?

Improved results are not going to happen immediately, progress takes time and effort.

How long it takes before you can see that progress depends on what your goals are, and the motivation to reach them.

In some cases, the goal may be simply to get through daily homework without arguing or excuses. In other cases, the goal may to get a particular score on a test or entire course.

Whatever the situation, a timeline can be constructed to measure progress and results. On average, it typically takes around 100 hours of in-home tutoring services to achieve the results you are looking for.

  1. What range of in-home private tutoring services are offered?

Personalized tutoring services are available for an incredibly diverse range of needs. 

1 on 1 private tutoring sessions can be obtained for all grades, subjects, and study levels. This include everything from grade 1 reading, to getting high scores on LSAT, GMAT, or MCAT exams.

This can all be done at home, on your own schedule.


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