In-Home and Online English Tutoring


In-Home and Online English Tutors

Effective communication skills are essential for almost any career path or vocation available in today’s workplace.

Most potential employers are focused on hiring employees that possess “soft skills”.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are referred to as the ability to communicate with others in a clear and concise manner. This includes both written and verbal communication.

It is shocking how little importance is placed on these skills in the public school system.

Just like anything else, improving communication skills takes practice. The ability to organize your thoughts and ideas, and present them in a coherent and relevant manner does not come naturally for everyone.

Some people need to put in more effort than others to be effective communicators.

How can in-home English tutoring help?

English tutors can help students enhance communication skills, as well as assist with material and homework for English classes at school.

Assistance is available for students of all levels of English ability, from ESL students to native speakers that could benefit from help with reading, writing, or public speaking.

What to Look for in an In-Home English Tutor

There are many advantages to hiring a private, in-home English teacher. People employ personal English tutors for a variety of reasons, such as improving conversational skills, writing, grammar, reading comprehension, or even speaking skills.

Some characteristics of a good English tutor may include:

  • Language ability
  • Positive
  • Amiable
  • Patient
  • Dedicated

Language Ability

This is a fairly important factor for an effective English tutor. Ideally English tutors will be native English speakers with a good understanding of language structure and framework.

A background in English, literature, linguistics, or ESL is also desirable. It all depends on the student’s level of English proficiency, and the areas of study that help is required for.

For example, ESL students would benefit more from tutors that have experience with ESL learning.



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