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In-Home and Online French Tutors in Brampton

French lessons are a mandatory requirement for public school students across Ontario. Some students excel when learning a new language, while others find it extremely challenging.

The world is getting smaller all the time, and proficiency in more than one language can open up a variety of exciting opportunities for those who excel in French.

The internet has expanded global accessibility, and international business is now commonplace. Students that have a high level of French language skills will have more options available to them.

In-home private French tutoring services can be an effective way to assist students that are falling behind in class, as well as help students that have a real interest and inclination for French to get closer to fluency.

French is one of the most used international languages on the planet, coming second only to English in language taught and spoken in the most countries and continents around the globe.

How can a private French tutor help?

Regardless of grade level and the French ability of your child, there are in-home private French tutors for all situations.

Perhaps your child is having difficulty conjugating verbs and determining the difference between regular and irregular ones. Private French teachers can offer techniques that can help.

Maybe it is a vocabulary issue, and the student is having trouble distinguishing between feminine and masculine words. In-home French tutors can help instill study methods that can help overcome this issue.

It could be that speaking or listening is the problem. In-home private French tutors can help create an appropriate learning environment for whatever the issue may be.

Students that struggle with speaking and pronunciation of French words may be too embarrassed to speak up in class and participate in discussions.

Listening is one of the most difficult aspects of learning a new language. Perhaps the classroom teacher is moving too quickly for your child to keep up.

Private French tutoring lessons can be catered your child’s specific needs and will move at a pace that is ideal for facilitating the desired results.

Advantages of In-Home French Tutoring

There are many benefits to hiring a private French tutor for your child. Some of the main advantages, include:

  • Improved intellectual abilities
  • Value to employers
  • Increased opportunities
  • Personalized lessons
  • Foundation for language skills

Improved Intellectual Abilities

There have been all kinds of studies done on how learning a second language can help increase cognitive function.

Research has been done on subjects of all ages to see what effects learning a new language has on the brain. 

One study was done on the effects of bilingualism on infant visual habituation. This simply means looking at kids growing up in a bilingual household, versus the effects of growing up in a single language household.

A series of cognitive tests were done, and the results indicated that the children in bilingual homes performed better in the areas of concept formation, nonverbal abilities, both receptive and expressive language, as well as IQ scores.

Other research, on older adults, shows that learning another language can help prevent the onset and development of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Value to Employers 

With French being one of two official languages in Canada, bilingualism offers a distinct advantage for many potential employers. 

Speaking both French and English not only helps to improve individual employment rates, but often results in higher pay as well.

A lot of government jobs list proficiency in both English and French as a mandatory requirement.

Increased Opportunities

Job opportunities are not only more numerous for people looking for employment in Canada, but also on an international scale.

If you are looking for a career in international politics, then French is essential, being the official language of 29 different countries.

It also opens up opportunities for international study, or universities or colleges in Quebec.

Aside from academic opportunities, learning a new language can inspire more confidence for travelling and exploring the world.

Personalized Lessons

The customized lessons offered by a private French teacher can be an effective method for increasing interest in the French language and getting better scores in French class at school.

The beauty about learning a new language is that it can be applied to any subject. For example, maybe your child is interested in sports. Private French tutoring lessons can be catered to sports to learn new vocabulary and apply French language rules to a subject of interest.

Foundation for Language Skills

Once a student becomes comfortable learning a new language, it opens the door to acquiring other languages as well.

The techniques and methods used can work for becoming proficient in other languages. For instance, learning French is a gateway for learning Spanish, as the languages are very similar.

An in-home private French tutor can help build those foundations for future success.


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