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Of all the subjects that people typically hire a private tutor for, French is among the most widely sought. It makes sense, since French is a specialized subject area that many people in Ontario don’t have the required skills to teach.

This includes help from parents, if neither parent is a native French speaker, then it can be tough to provide the necessary French language assistance for your child.

For students that are struggling in French class at school, it can be hard to get the attention needed in the classroom setting. One teacher for a large group of students means that there is going to be very little time dedicated to individual practice with speaking and conversation skills.

Learning a new language takes dedication and practice. The more you hear it and speak it, the faster you improve. This is why the French immersion approach is so effective, concentrated and frequent use of French skills yield the best results.

Hiring a private French teacher can have a similar effect. 1 to 1 in-home French tutoring services offer students a chance to interact with a French speaker in a comfortable setting that encourages students to practice their speaking and pronunciation without peer scrutiny.

French Tutoring FAQs

Many people have some questions they need answered before going ahead and hiring an in-home French tutor.

Who are private French tutoring lessons beneficial for?

In-home private French tutoring services can be beneficial for anyone that is looking to improve some aspect of their French language skills.

This includes speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and conversation skills. Private French lessons can be personalized for each student, to focus on the area of language they need the most help with.

Private tutors can focus on any subject matter your child is interested in, and apply French skills to it.

In-home French tutoring lessons are for students of all ages and abilities. Private French tutoring can be helpful for students that are falling behind in class and having trouble with French in general, or for students that excel in French are looking for a way to get more practice conversing in French.

Why do I need to study French in Ontario?

A lot of students have a problem with learning French because they think that they are never going to use it. Although French skills may be more practical in Quebec and eastern Canada, there are still many practical uses for studying French in Ontario.

For example, many government jobs require bilingualism in French and English as a compulsory qualification, and contribute to higher pay.

Learning French is also useful for students that have an interest in travel, or international employment.

Will focusing on French have an effect on English skills?

In some cases, people have the illusion that French immersion or dedication to learning French will have a negative impact on English proficiency. 

The thought being that students develop mediocre skills in both languages, but never really master either one.

Research indicates that this notion is completely unfounded. In fact, one study has reported that children that come from households that speak two or more languages have shown higher cognitive function than those that come from single language families.

Learning a second language can actually help achieve a deeper level of understanding of the first language. Being able to compare the two can offer a more profound awareness about the mechanics of language and the structures that govern it.

What can I expect to gain from private in-home French tutoring?

There are a multitude of benefits to be gained from in-home French tutors. A couple of the best advantages may be specialized assistance and enhanced options.

Specialized Assistance

For private tutoring in any subject, you want to get someone with knowledge and training in their subject matter for effective results. This is especially true for French.

Hiring a private French tutor that is fluent (or very close to it) in French makes all the difference. 

When learning a new language, listening skills are often the most difficult to grasp. You may have noticed when traveling to a country where English is not the first language, that is very challenging to understand people conversing in their native tongue, even if you have some experience with that language.

Private tutors can really help students develop more advanced listening skills through practice and conversation. The same is true with speaking and pronunciation.

Enhanced Options

Learning a new language can open the door to a variety of new opportunities. This wider range of options, may include:

  • Extra value to employers
  • International travel
  • International studies
  • Foundation for learning multiple languages
  • Higher pay


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