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Learning French is a subject a lot of students struggle with, which can be very frustrating without a viable means for improvement.

Many students in Ontario feel there is no reason to learn French if they are not planning on living in Quebec or eastern Canada in the future. 

However, French is an international language that is spoken by more than 200 million people around the world. Many jobs give preference to people who are bilingual, and that is including jobs in Ontario.

The truth is, learning a new language offers a range of benefits for students that take the time to study and understand one.

Learning a new language is not always the easiest undertaking, especially for students that do not have a natural affinity for languages. It can be very frustrating, and can leave students feeling defeated because they are not making any progress.

In-home private French tutoring services are available to help raise interest and proficiency levels in the French language.

How do I know if my child needs a private French teacher?

Private French lessons can be very beneficial in a variety of situations. Some reasons your child may require extra assistance learning the French language, might be:

  • Frustration with French tests and homework
  • Interest in new experiences and adventure
  • Affinity for languages

Frustration with French Tests and Homework

If your child is continually discouraged by French scores and homework assignments, it can be tough to find the motivation and means for improvement.

A private in-home French tutor can help change a student’s attitude towards learning French. For example, some students do not excel when learning a new language in a large group. Fear of giving the wrong answer or mispronouncing words may make students hesitant to participate in class.

Without practice, learning a new language is next to impossible.

In-home private French tutoring offers a secure and relaxed learning environment where students don’t have to be self-conscious about practicing French speaking skills.

This can help change an attitude of fear and disinterest to a mindset of enthusiasm and motivation to succeed. 

Interests in New Experiences and Adventure

If your child is naturally drawn to new experiences and trying new things, then learning a new language can help open a lot of doors for their future.

Students that are always exploring novel situations can benefit from French language lessons. This may indicate an interest in travel and interacting with people from a variety of different backgrounds.

Learning to speak a proficient level of French is not just helpful for traveling to French speaking countries, but any country where English is not the first language. 

Once a student gains competence and ability with one language, it opens the door to learning others. Private French tutors can help build this confidence, using proven techniques that can be applied to learning any language.

Affinity for Languages

Private French lessons are not just for students that are struggling with French, but also for students that demonstrate a natural ability for it.

Students that really want to take their French skills to the next level, will likely find it hard to accomplish this task with classroom teaching alone. Class sizes in Ontario are large, and that means limited direct interaction with the teacher.

In-home private French tutoring services offer a 1 to 1 learning environment that is personalized to the learning style of the student and the specific goals they hope to achieve.

Other Benefits of In-Home French Tutors

There are several advantages to private French lessons, delivered in the comfort of home.

Some benefits of improving French language skills, may include:

  • More job opportunities
  • Opens international doors
  • Enhanced cognitive skills

More Job Opportunities

Being bilingual offers students a greater range of options for future job prospects. This is true for employment in Canada as well as outside of it. 

After English, French is the most taught language around the world. People who are fluent in both these languages see a massive increase in potential job opportunities.

Plus, jobs that have bilingualism as a required often pay more.

Opens International Doors

For students interested in travel, learning a new language is excellent start for making that happen. 

Private French lessons can help create international possibilities. French is the only other language besides English that is spoken on 5 separate continents.

Enhanced Cognitive Skills

Learning a new language is good for brain power. Extensive research indicates that people who speak a second language have advanced cognitive and creative abilities.

A private French teacher could be just the advantage you need to get a step ahead of the competition.


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