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Learning math in a traditional classroom environment is a difficult prospect for a lot of students. Public school teachers are given the burdensome task of trying to accommodate every student in the classroom with their lessons.

The notion of actually trying to achieve this in reality is unrealistic. This is one big reason that so many students have trouble with math in school. They are not getting the focused attention or teaching styles they need to succeed.

Unlike subjects that require written answers that offer explanations to support your position, answers in math are typically right or wrong. Yes, you may be able to get part marks for the process, but it can be discouraging if you can’t reach the correct solution.

It can be frustrating when it seems like you have done everything right, but are still getting the wrong answer. 

That is why math is so problematic for a lot students, because even the smallest detail can end up resulting in the wrong answer.

A private math tutor can help students employ troubleshooting techniques that can be applied to a variety of problems to help identify where mistakes were made to prevent it from happening in the future.

In-home math tutors can also help reinforce positive aspects of problem solving, so students don’t become so easily disheartened.

Classroom Learning vs Private Math Tutors

There are pros and cons to both classroom studies and in-home private math tutoring services. Students that have trouble in math class at school, may not respond well to that type of learning environment.

Disadvantages of Classroom Learning

A classroom environment is not the optimal learning space for every student. Some of the challenges of classroom learning may be:

  • Peer pressure
  • Misguided peer learning
  • Teacher stress

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can be a very powerful influence for students of all ages, with some being more sensitive to it than others.

Some students are naturally shy, and therefore don’t speak up often in class. Other students refrain from participating in class because they are nervous or afraid about what the rest of the students in the class will think.

This can prevent students from asking questions to get the clarification they need for some topics.

Misguided Peer Learning

Peer learning is a regularly used method in a lot of classrooms, due to large class sizes and the inability for teachers to work with each student individually.

Group work can be excellent for developing collaboration skills and teamwork, but what if your child is paired with a student that is not interested in learning or is providing incorrect information?

Teacher Stress

Classroom management for teachers is more demanding than ever with multiple students with different learning disabilities in every classroom.

This can impact a teacher’s ability to effectively deliver lessons and manage problematic students. A hostile learning environment is not conducive to effective education.

Advantages of Private Math Tutoring

There are certainly also advantages to a classroom learning environment, as students learn about competition, which they will have to get used to for when they eventually enter the workforce.

But for students that don’t necessarily flourish in the classroom, in-home private tutoring services can be a huge help.

Some of the benefits of private learning at home, might be:

  • Customized learning
  • 1 on 1 setting
  • Immediate and ongoing feedback

Customized Learning

A private math tutor will have the ability to cater private math lessons directly to the needs of your child. Students learning at home with a private math tutor will be able to work at their own pace, with a teaching style that is tailored to the way they learn.

In-home tutors can provide homework assistance, help students get caught up with class curriculum, and even get ahead with additional tasks and assignments.

Math is a cumulative subject, which means each new concept builds on previous material. Creating a stable foundation for math skills is essential for advanced techniques.

Private math teachers can go back as far as necessary to ensure that foundation is sound.

1 on 1 Setting 

A private tutor offers a 1 to 1 learning environment that removes the worry of peer pressure and feeling awkward about asking a question or volunteering a solution.

Students learn best when they feel comfortable and safe, in a low-stress setting.

This 1 on 1 environment helps ensure that learning issues are dealt with efficiently and effectively.

Immediate and Ongoing Feedback

Another considerable benefit of private math lessons is the regular feedback and assessments provided.

Immediate feedback can be given to nip problems in the bud, before they have a chance to get worse. If a student doesn’t understand a particular concept, then it can be resolved before more concepts are introduced and built on misinformation.

Ongoing feedback is also offered on a regular basis to track progress and achieve goals.


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