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Parents don’t often have the time, or necessary skills, to provide their children with effective math help.

Studies show that when students are asked about which subjects they find most difficult, more often than not, math is the number one answer.

So, why do so many students find math challenging?

Math involves a lot of complex equations and techniques that generally take considerable patience and persistence to master. For most students, the effort required to fully comprehend the subject matter is far greater than for any other subject.

This may imply that students that have trouble with math are lazy, but that is not necessarily the case. It can be very discouraging to spend hours and hours on a task and not make any progress. It can make students just want to give up and stop trying.

However, the right approach to solving mathematical problems is not the same for everybody. 

In a classroom setting, math teachers will use the same method for teaching a concept for all the students in the class. This make work well for some students and not others.

A private tutor can offer 1 on 1 math lessons that will focus on that student’s specific learning style. An experienced math tutor can also try a variety of techniques until the right one is found.

Impact of Brain Type on Math Learning

The whole left-brain vs right-brain theory and the effect it has on learning is debatable in a lot of educational circles.

However, there could be some validity to the argument that right-brain dominant learners take a little longer to grasp fundamental math concepts.

Right Brain Dominance

Right-brained thinkers tend to be more creative and artistic by nature. Right-brained individuals are typically though to be more intuitive, pensive, and abstract.

People who are right brain dominant, tend to lean towards:

  • Visualization
  • Arts
  • Emotion
  • Imagination
  • Music
  • Insight
  • Holistic thought

Left Brain Dominance

Left-brained thinkers are usually more analytical and methodical in their way of thinking. People that are left brain dominant may be more logical and objective.

Left-brained individuals often gravitate towards:

  • Sequencing
  • Mathematics
  • Linear thinking
  • Language
  • Reasoning
  • Science
  • Numbers

Of course, nobody falls entirely into one of these two categories. People generally fall somewhere in the middle, with a tendency towards one brain hemisphere or the other.

This just helps illustrate that students who are more right brain dominant may take longer to grasp mathematical concepts.

How can private tutors make math less difficult?

As has already been established, a lot of students find math to be so grueling because of the time and energy needed to really understand it.

The amount of time dedicated in the classroom to learning a new math concept is not enough for the average student to fully grasp it. This results in some students having to move onto the next lesson without really getting the last one. And then onto the next one.

Students then have a tenuous grasp at best on an assortment of mathematical concepts, without a solid foundation to build on.

This may sound like a monumental issue that is daunting to try to correct, but it can be done with the right approach.

Cumulative Approach to Learning Math

Learning math effectively requires a cumulative approach, which means that each new concept builds upon the last.

For example, it all starts with basic calculations learned in primary school, like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. From there, formulas and other operations are added into the mix. Once these skills are fully developed, more complex equations and functions can be introduced.

With a weak foundation, the structure is bound to crumble at some point. Since students are not really given failing grades anymore, many of them just get pushed though the system.

A private in-home math teacher can take an organized approach to go back as far as necessary to build a strong learning base.

When to Hire an In-Home Private Math Tutor

If a student has a grade of C or lower in math class, it may be time to start seriously considering extra assistance. 

A grade of C indicates that a student understands roughly half the material they have studied in an applicable manner.

As more concepts are introduced to a shaky foundation, the harder it becomes to hold it all together. The sooner action is taken to correct the problem, the easier it is to fix.

The most crucial time to make a realistic assessment may be during the transition from middle school to high school.

If a student does not have a deep understanding of pre-algebra concepts, then it is highly recommended to seek in-home private math tutoring services to ensure there is solid foundation for high school math.


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