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Parents sometimes struggle with the decision of whether or not to hire a private tutor because they may feel it reflects poorly on their child’s abilities.

This unfounded stigma really has no base in reality. Private tutors can be employed for a variety of reasons, such as gaining a competitive edge for university applications, getting caught up on missed work, or getting a better understanding of difficult material.

It seems that the entire planet has become extremely competitive over the past decade or so, and this competition now begins at a very young age. Private tutors can help students get ahead of their peers, or bridge any educational gaps that need to be filled.

There are very few students that excel in every subject. A little help with the subjects that are more challenging can help balance out overall knowledge and grade average.

Why hire a private tutor?

Students that could benefit from extra help in one or more subject areas, need to get that additional assistance from somewhere. 

Extra help from the classroom teacher is one option. However, teachers are often very busy and may not be able to offer the one-on-one attention your child needs.

Another option is for parents to provide additional help and homework assistance. This can be effective to a point, but as a parent you are also likely quite busy and have other responsibilities to attend to. Plus, some subjects are difficult to explain without previous training or experience.

A private tutor offers 1-1 attention, delivered in the comfort of home.

Benefits of Private In-Home Tutors Oakville

There are all kinds of practical advantages to hiring an in-home private tutor for your child.

Some of the major benefits, include:

  • In-depth subject knowledge
  • Specialized training
  • Motivation to stay on task
  • Confidence builder
  • Achieving long term goals

In-Depth Subject Knowledge

Private home tutors will have extensive knowledge of whatever subject it is they have been hired to assist with. 

For example, if you need a math tutor to assist your child with high school level math, you will want a tutor with education and experience with calculus, algebra, and finite math solutions.

Or if it is assistance with elementary school French you need, then you will want a tutor that is fluent (or close to it) in French and has experience with young learners.

Whatever the case, private home tutors will not only have knowledge about their subject, but also experience using multiple strategies for effective learning.

Specialized Training

Private tutors will have specialized training in their subject area, as well as training on techniques for active learning and achieving results.

This can help offer your child an advantage over his or her classmates with expanded learning on the subject. Using relevant examples can help provide a bigger picture, and engage students to apply what they have learned to real life situations.

Motivation to Stay on Task

Lack of focus can be one of the greatest obstacles for students that are struggling with homework to overcome.

If you are not interested in a subject, or simply don’t understand the material, then it can be very challenging to remain focused on the task at hand.

In-home tutoring services can help remedy that problem. The benefit of 1 to 1 attention is that private home tutors can provide cues and encouraging prompts for students to stay focused.

Most parents don’t have the time to sit with their kids the entire time they are doing their homework to make sure every question is adequately addressed. 

A private tutor can do exactly that. By asking the right questions, it helps keep students moving along to complete a task, and understand the outcomes.

Confidence Builder

Another huge bonus of private in-home tutoring is the confidence it can build in your child. The fear of giving the wrong answer in class can prevent a student from participating in class discussions.

Home tutors can help build confidence through knowledge and effective study habits.

If a student is having severe difficulty with a particular subject, it can be very easy to become discouraged and frustrated. With no viable solution in sight, students can lose hope altogether and just stop trying.

Private tutors can offer learning and memory strategies that can build students’ confidence with the feeling they can attack any problem with a systematic approach.

Achieving Long Term Goals

Short term goals may be to get a decent grade in science. These short term goals can be accomplished with the assistance of in-home tutoring services, but is that the end goal?

Maybe the short term goal is to get a good mark in science class, but the end goal is to get into Medical School.

A good private home tutor will implement strategies that have proven effective for previous students to achieve similar goals, and personalize the method.


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