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Physics is one of the most complicated science subjects. It has lots of complicated concepts or topics that could be hard for students to understand. Physics has a theory part where students learn in class and a practical part where students demonstrate some of the theory in a laboratory.

The apparatus used in conducting physics practical demonstrations need to be understood by the students. Xtra Learn has the best physics tutors who were fully trained and they know how to teach students in the best way possible. Our aim is to ensure physics are well taught to enhance student’s understanding and enable excel in exams.  

Know How to Master Common Physics Theories and Principles

Physics has common theories and principles that students must understand for them to be able to perform well. Chief among them include Newton’s Laws, principles of forces, magnetism and Energy. Such concepts may look so simply but understanding them could be a problem.

Our tutors have prepared for many years on how to teach such principles and they are able to offer the best lessons. You will be sure after every session; the student would have learnt all concepts and principles as required. Our tutors aim at enhancing understanding of the student rather than making them to cram. Such basics are needed even in the most advanced physics topics, you need to be able to apply the simple principles for you to solve the advanced problems.

Learn All Practical Problems and How They Are Done

The practical problems are normally brought in final exams. Most students concentrate on theory part and forget about the practical part. We can sharpen student’s practical skills and teach him or her how to use all laboratory apparatus.

Every practical question normally has calculations, we can make sure all formulas for all calculations are taught to students. With us, we aim at giving the student a 360-degree understanding of physics not just for exam passing but also to enable students become a well-informed professional.  


Some of the Areas We Can Help Students On

Some of the Areas We Can Help Students On

  • Understanding Magnetic Fields
  • How to solve Vector Problems-They are one of the common headaches to students
  • Understand All Physics formulas and how to apply them
  • In-depth explanation of circular motion
  • Machines, pendulum, and other technical physics topics

The list is long and we are prepared to make sure we offer some of the best tutoring session to students. We explain, demonstrate and make sure we deliver the best impact on students.

Our Tutors Know the Curriculum Very Well

Our aim is to offer knowledge that is helpful and relevant to the current syllabus. This is why our tutors update their knowledge and use the new curriculum resources to teach students. Students will, therefore, be well prepared for exams and even have the perfect skills to join higher learning institutions. With consistent tutoring from Xtra Learn, you will see the positive impact students will have on the class.

Individualized Tutoring Sessions

We want to make sure the one-on-one session is beneficial to the student. For this reason, we always analyze students, know their learning skills and draft proper teaching methods. We have dealt with a lot of students and we understand not all students learn as expected.

To help them, we need to be flexible on our teaching styles so as to rhyme with their learning standards. You can be sure that your student will improve on performance and become a true professional in the future.

We are committed to making sure students receive the appropriate knowledge at the comfort of their own home. Our tutors can teach students at the convenience of their own time and place. We have all the resources necessary for perfect learning to occur and help students boost their grades.



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