Online French Tutoring

Online French Tutors

Learning a new language can be a challenging endeavor for students of all ages. The most effective way to learn a new language is through complete immersion. Complete immersion means speaking that language all the time with the people around you on a daily basis. For example, if you want to learn Mandarin, then the best way to do that is to live in China and communicate in that language every day. For students trying to learn French in Ontario, complete immersion is not usually a feasible option. When immersion is not an option, consistent practice is key.  Online French tutoring can increase practice for all aspects of learning a new language like speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

What Should You Look For In French Tutor?

To find a French tutor for your unique situation, here are some things to consider:

Language Ability

Your current level of French plus the goals and reasons you have for studying French will likely impact the language ability you require from a tutor. For example, an elementary school student that is having problems in French class at school may not need a native speaker as a tutor.  On the other hand, a graduating high school student that is preparing to study in France the following year will probably want a native French speaker with an authentic accent. Private French tutors are available for students of all language levels and desired outcomes.

Grammar Skills

Whatever level of French you are striving to obtain, it is crucial to first develop the fundamental building blocks of a new language. This can be effectively achieved by learning proper grammar and sentence structure.

A good French tutor will have a solid grasp of grammar rules and be able to explain them in a coherent and easy to understand manner. One of the best ways to learn a new language is through learning from your mistakes. In order to do this, you must first understand why it is a mistake, and then how to correct it. French tutors that do not have a strong comprehension of French grammar may not be able to explain why an error is an error, offering no way to improve on it for next time.

Conversation Starter

There are a lot of tutors out there that may be experts in their subject areas but are not very good at motivating students to speak and participate.

The ability to stimulate conversation is crucial for a French tutor. The only way to get better at speaking French is by practicing speaking skills as much as possible. A good French tutor should ask provocative questions the student will understand to get the conversation flowing.

Ability To Explain And Clarify

Once the conversation starts rolling, mistakes in speaking and pronunciation are bound to follow. A good French tutor will be able to provide clarification when mistakes are inevitably made.  For effective learning, students need to know what the mistake was and how correct it. This takes a strong understanding of language structure and the rules that govern it.

Tutoring Methods

The method a tutor uses for delivering private lessons should be directly related to the learning styles and goals of the student. For example, if improving conversation skills is the main goal, then you will want a French tutor that has experience and proven results for helping students become more fluent.

If a student is having trouble with listening, then the methods should be focused on different ways to improve listening skills. Inquiring about tutoring methods before making a decision can help avoid selecting the wrong tutor.

XtraLearn Tutoring And Educational Services

If you or your child could benefit from some in-home French tutoring in the Mississauga area, then XtraLearn is an ideal solution. XtraLearn offers a wide range of French tutors to choose from depending on student age, language level, and areas of concern.

A private French tutor can help with: