Online Math Tutoring

Online Mathematics Tutors

Oftentimes students are resistant to tutoring because they feel it reflects poorly on their competence and abilities as a student. Engaging the assistance of an online tutor is not a sign of weakness or low intelligence, it is an indicator of self-betterment and wishing to reach full potential. Not every student learns in the same way. Students learn at different paces.

Why Hire An Online Math Tutor?

Math is an excellent example of a subject that can be challenging for some students while others have a natural affinity for it. This disparity has nothing to with intelligence. It often has to do with learning styles and delivery methods.

Ontario classrooms are generally filled to capacity with many students per class. Large class sizes make it impossible for teachers to cater to the individual needs of each student. This can be problematic for students that need a little more attention or learn in a different way than the teacher traditionally teaches. Online math tutoring offers a one-on-one learning environment for students to get the attention and assistance they need in the comfort of their own home.

Signs Your Child May Benefit From Online Math Tutor

Many students of varying ages struggle with math. So how do you know if a private tutor is the solution?

Some indicators that your son or daughter might need some tutoring help in math include:


Grades and test scores at school are a measure that can tell you if a student needs extra help. If math grades are continually slipping, and your child is struggling to keep up with class material, then it could be time to consider hiring an online math tutor.

Homework Worries

If your child is always worried and complaining about homework, then he or she may benefit from tutoring. Frustration with homework on a regular basis typically means that key concepts are not being properly understood.


Lying about homework, tests, and assignments is usually a warning sign that extra help is needed. Students often feel embarrassed about not being able to grasp concepts and receiving low test scores as a result. They may try to hide these issues by lying about upcoming tests and assignments or routinely saying they have no math homework. It is best to deal with problems of this nature immediately.

Time Management

Students having difficulties with math may end up spending a disproportionate amount of time on math assignments, not leaving enough time for other subjects. This can result in lower grades in math as well as lower grades in other subject areas, which is a result of time management issues rather than a lack of understanding of other course material.

Hates School

Is your son or daughter always saying, “I hate school”? If so, this could stem from the frustration of falling behind and not having the necessary resources to get caught up. It is easy to become frustrated when no progress is being made. Online math tutoring can help build a positive attitude for learning and build self-confidence.

Signs For Learning Disability

If problems get really serious, and struggles are appearing across a range of subject areas, it may be an indication of a possible learning disability.

Online tutoring academies can help assess your child’s aptitude and abilities, to design a personalized plan for improvement and reaching designated goals.

Benefits of Online Math Tutor

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