Online Private Tutoring

Online Private Tutoring For All Subjects

Private tutoring sessions can offer a wide range of benefits for students of all ages. It can help provide a deeper understanding of subject matter, instill more effective study habits, and improve test scores and grades at school. Private tutoring is becoming increasingly popular all the time, although there are many people that could benefit greatly from it that may still not be aware of its impressive merits.

Benefits of Private Tutoring

Some of the greatest benefits of private tutoring include:

Choose Your Tutor

One of the main differences between private tutoring and classroom learning is the ability to choose the teacher.

Obviously, in a school classroom setting, students do not have the option of choosing their teacher. This can result in conflicting learning styles and compatibility issues. With a private tutor, you have the chance to do some research to find the right tutor for your situation.

There is also the option to go with an established private tutoring agency like XtraLearn.  XtraLearn undergoes an intensive and strict selection process for all their tutors. They have already done all the leg work for you and can match your son or daughter with a suitable tutor based on academic requirements and personality preferences.

Custom Lessons

Private tutoring also offers the benefit of customized learning. A classroom teacher must work at a pace that corresponds to the average student in the class. Some students will be bored with this pace and will want to move ahead for new challenges.

Other students will struggle to keep up and may become frustrated when they are not able to. Private tutoring can help with both of these scenarios. Online tutors can offer additional, stimulating material for fast learners. They can also suggest alternative methods and techniques for students that work at a slower pace.

One-to-One Learning

A classroom setting allows almost no time for teachers to provide students with individual attention. This can be detrimental for students that need extra attention.

Those students can get the attention they require from one-to-one private tutoring.

Even just one private tutoring session a week can make a huge difference in attitude, performance, and results.

Homework And Test Prep

There are many different types of private tutoring lessons available to choose from.

Some students need some homework assistance, to avoid falling behind at school. Parents may not always have the time or expertise necessary to help with homework assignments. Private tutors can assist with homework and reviewing key concepts. An in-home tutor can also help with test preparation. A lot of students get nervous and stressed about an upcoming test. Private tutors can help remove the worry with good preparation. This may include techniques for picking out important concepts and how they can be applied to practical situations.

New Study Techniques

Many students struggle with school-work because they are using the same old study techniques that are just not working.

A private tutor can introduce new ways of learning, understanding, and retaining material so it can be used in class, for completing assignments and acing tests.

Additional Material

A private tutor can also offer supplemental material that can be used in collaboration with regular class work. This can be used to either provide a better understanding of existing subject matter or offer new challenges for more advanced students.

Time Management

One obstacle many students face when trying to deal with their full course load is efficient time management. For example, students that have problems with math or science may end up spending too much time on these subjects, while other areas of study get neglected.

A private tutor can offer insights into time management techniques that can help students balance all of their assigned tasks. This can be great for managing school-work and leaving more time for hobbies and fun activities.


Private tutoring lessons can be scheduled around the availability of the student. Students will also be able to choose specific subjects they want to improve in, and how often private lessons are needed.