Online Science Tutoring

Online Science Tutoring

Do you want your child to work with a science tutor? Having a private tutor is beneficial for students who need some additional assistance outside the classroom. XtraLearn is a tutoring company based in Ontario that serves students in Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, and other cities in Toronto. We provide in-home and online tutoring to make it more convenient for your child to get the help they need.

What Are The Benefits of Online Tutoring?

  • A private tutor can provide one on one feedback. In a classroom, most teachers are overseeing twenty to thirty students. With a tutor, your child gets more attention and feedback. 
  • Tutors can help your child with homework, exams, assignments, and other school activities. This way, students are more prepared for the various academic challenges they will face. 
  • Tutoring keeps your child more accountable for their learning. At the end of the day, the student has to take responsibility for their study habits and grades. We strive to equip students with the tools and attitude they need to succeed. 

Why Choose XtraLearn For Online Science Tutoring?

  • We have experienced tutors. At XtraLearn, we carefully select the best of the best to ensure your child gets to work with a qualified tutor. 
  • We personalize the tutoring services we provide. Our tutors customize your child’s learning. After all, every student is different. What might work for one individual won’t necessarily work for another. As such, we spend time learning about each student and creating a tutoring plan that works. 
  • We offer both in-home and online tutoring. There are pros and cons to different tutoring methods. Our goal is to offer convenient tutoring for students. Some kids enjoy working with a tutor face to face while others prefer speaking to a tutor via a video call.