Benefits of Hiring a Private Tutor for Your Child

Are you wondering whether or not to hire a tutor for your child? Below are the benefits of hiring a private tutor.

Personalized learning 

Unlike in a classroom setting where there is one teacher and typically 20 to 30 students, a private tutor allows for one-on-one training. Our tutors can provide personalized, customized assistance by tailoring lesson plans for your child according to his or her needs. In doing so, students can learn at their own pace. We will work with your child for as long as necessary. Our tutors are committed to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their students. As such, regardless of whether you want an in-home tutor or a virtual one, XtraLearn can help. Choose whatever is most convenient for you and your child. We have tutors for all ages and subjects, so no matter how old the student is or what class, your kid will have personalized learning according to their goals. 

Improved study habits

We will share effective study techniques with your child. Our tutors have years of experience being a tutor, so they know which strategies work and what doesn’t. Good study habits aren’t always taught in school. Nevertheless, our tutors were once students themselves and have learned how to study in order to retain as much information as possible. We are more than happy to share our knowledge and expertise with your child. XtraLearn takes the success of all our students seriously. Strong study habits are useful across all subjects and throughout your child’s schooling. The earlier students improve, the better equipped they will be as they advance through high school and university. 

Encourages responsibility

We will help your child, but we also want to encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning. As a result, while our tutors are here for our students, we also foster independence, so they are also able to learn on their own. Ultimately, XtraLearn hopes our students understand they have to work hard in order to succeed. 

Increased confidence

If your child isn’t very confident in his or her abilities in a certain subject, hiring a tutor is helpful. By imparting effective study techniques, students better understand how to learn new material and retain it. A student who feels confident tends to perform better and get better grades. In a similar vein, seeing an improvement in marks also boosts confidence. 

Measured results

We track how your child is doing to get a better idea of how to help him or her succeed. Our tutors want to see their students progress and improve during the in-home tutoring sessions. Oftentimes, that translates into doing better on assignments and tests in school. 

Why should you hire us for in-home or online tutoring?

XtraLearn provides tutoring services in Toronto. We are more than just a tutoring service though because we think big picture and long term. After all, our tutors don’t just want your child to pass a class, we want them to succeed. We consider their goals and dreams. That is why we have tutors who help your child get into medical or law school by preparing them to write the MCAT or LSAT.   bvOur mission is to help students overcome different challenges and obstacles they may encounter while in school. The tutors have many years of experience tutoring students in English, French, math, science, and more. As such, we know which studying strategies work and which ones don’t. Interested in hiring an in-home tutor for your child? Feel free to call us at 800-716-9525 or email us at

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