How to Choose a Tutor for Your Child

Choosing a tutor is an important decision. Before you decide on who to hire, consider the following factors.

Discuss with your child about getting a tutor. 

If you think your son or daughter will benefit from having a private tutor, talk about it. Let your child know why you want to hire a tutor. 

Ask for recommendations and referrals. 

Many of our students are referrals from family and friends. So ask around and see what other people are saying about tutors in your area. Finding a great tutor who is knowledgeable about the subject 

Talk to the tutors themselves. 

Once you’ve found some tutors to consider, schedule time to talk to them either on the phone or in person. You can get to know them better and ask any questions you have in mind. 

Check for credentials and certifications. 

Before you decide to go with a tutor, ask them for their education and experience. This way you can verify if the tutor has a strong background in the subject they’re going to teach. It goes without saying that if you’re looking for an English tutor, you’ll want someone who studied English and can speak it fluently. Something else to consider is whether they are experienced teaching students at your child’s grade. For instance, if your kid is in grade 10, does the tutor have experience teaching high school students? 

Communicate with the tutor.

Set goals and let the tutor know what you hope to accomplish during the tutoring sessions. Keep in contact with them, so you can stay up to date with your child’s progress.

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