Should I Hire a Tutor? Is Hiring One Worth It?

If you’re a parent with a kid in school, you may be asking yourself if you should hire a tutor or whether hiring one is worth it. 

Signs your child may benefit from having a tutor

Bad grades

If your child has bad grades, you can hire a tutor to help them improve their test scores. After all, every student learns differently and at their own pace. A tutor can look at previous assignments and exams to see where your child is struggling. Once we identify areas to improve, our tutors are able to customize lesson plans for the student. We will monitor how your child is doing in school as well as their progress in the tutoring sessions. Our goal is to help all our students get better grades and reach their goals. 

Worrying about homework 

Is your child worrying a lot about homework assignments? Consider getting a private tutor. There are many reasons why students worry about homework. For some, they may not be as confident with the material. For others, they might think the project is overwhelming. Regardless of the reason behind their worries, our tutors want to give them peace of mind. We hope to equip students with the right skills and habits to tackle any obstacle they face in school. 

Poor time management

A tutor can teach your child to study habits and improve their time management. Being able to manage one’s time is critical not only for writing tests but also for completing assignments by the deadline. Younger children may not have the best time management skills. Consequently, they might run out of time when they take exams or they procrastinate working on a project. But working with a tutor creates a block of time dedicated to doing homework. 

Why should you hire a tutor?

  • A tutor can review course material with your child. Going over what they learned in class improves their retention. 
  • Tutors are able to provide guidance and additional feedback. With increasing classroom sizes, teachers are expected to take on more students. However, this means each student gets less attention from teachers. On the other hand, a private tutor can focus on one student, ensuring they get the help they need. 
  • XtraLearn is able to prep your child for any upcoming lessons, tests or exams. As a result, students will be more prepared rather than feel like they are falling behind. By planning and preparing in advance, our tutors put your child in a position to succeed in school. 
  • We have tutors who can share different study tips and techniques with their students. That way, your child is exposed to alternative approaches to learning or retaining material. 

Is hiring a tutor worth it?

Hiring the right tutor is key. If you find a good tutor who has a breadth of knowledge on the subject he or she is teaching and works well with your child, it’s well worth the investment. You can hire an in-home tutor or an online one, whatever works better for you. 

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