What our Clients are Saying about XtraLearn Private Tutoring

XtraLearn is a tutoring and educational service provider based in Ontario. Our mission is to help students succeed and overcome any challenges they face in school. But don’t just take our word for it, read what our clients are saying about us and our tutors.


“I would highly recommend XtraLearn for any parents out there looking for tutoring services. The tutors are friendly and professional. Private tutoring has helped my child so much. His grades improved after I hired a tutor for him.”

-Jane W.

“I have been telling my family and friends about XtraLearn and their tutors. When I was looking to hire a tutor, I wanted someone who was patient and positive. The English tutor from XtraLearn was incredible. She was beyond patient and positive with my child.”

-Maria P.

“I heard about XtraLearn from a family member. After having a private tutor come to my home and work with my kid, I have been recommending them to other members of my family and my friends. The price is great and the tutoring service is even better.”

-Ivan S.

“Having a tutor with a strong background in the subject they are teaching is so important. In my experience, the XtraLearn tutor was very knowledgeable and shared a lot of effective study techniques with my daughter. ”

-Amanda C.

“Thanks to the tutor from XtraLearn, my child is more confident in school. I’ve seen an increase in her grades on assignments and tests. She has better study habits now than before. Not long ago, my child used to worry about homework and put off doing it. But recently, she started working on her assignments earlier and doesn’t worry nearly as much.”

-Christina M.

“Hiring a private tutor was the best decision for my son who was struggling in math. My only regret is not hiring one sooner. The math tutor explained complicated concepts in a way that was easy for my son to understand. Since hiring a tutor, he has improved his grades in school. It makes me smile seeing his confidence grow. Thanks so much XtraLearn.” 

-Jasmine T.

“I was hesitant in hiring a tutor for my son at first. But my friend praised XtraLearn so highly, I figured I’d hire a tutor and see what happens. I’m very happy with the service provided, and the cost for an in-home tutor was lower than I expected. The tutor was reliable and kept in communication with me, which I appreciate because that way, I know how my child is doing. Highly recommend.”

-Tessa M. 

“With class sizes being bigger, there’s usually one teacher trying to help around 20 to 30 students. Hiring a private tutor was very helpful for my child who needed a one-on-one tutor to reach his full potential.”

-Alexis P. 

“If you’re looking for a tutor, look no further than XtraLearn. My child wasn’t doing well in English, so I decided to look for tutoring services. I stumbled across XtraLearn, and since then, my daughter has raised her marks from a B- to a B+.”

-Chloe H. 

“As a single dad who works full-time, I hired an in-home tutor so my child has someone to help him with his homework every week. The tutor was friendly and has a great relationship with my son.”

-Philip W. 

Want to hire Xtralearn for in-home tutoring services for subjects ranging from math to science and many more? Call 800-716-9525 or email xtralearn@xtralearn.com today.

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