What to Do If Your Child is Failing School

If your child is failing or not doing well in school, what can you do about it? You can hire a private tutor for your son or daughter.

Hire a professional tutor. 

More and more parents are hiring tutors for their children. It’s important to hire a good tutor who has a strong background in the subject they are teaching. In addition to that, try to find tutors who are patient and positive when working with students. When a child has a good working relationship with the tutor, he or she tends to perform better not only in tutoring sessions but also in school as well. At XtraLearn, we provide in-home and online tutoring services in Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, and Toronto. Our mission is to help students overcome challenges and obstacles they face in school. 

How can a tutor help your child?

  • Tutors will review class material and previous lessons with your son or daughter. This reinforces what your student is learning in school. 
  • He or she can create custom lesson plans and assign more homework for students. Children who do extra practice questions score better on exams. 
  • A tutor can help your child with his homework assignments and walk them through difficult concepts. 
  • Tutors will be able to prepare students for upcoming tests and exams, ensuring they study more effectively. 
  •  A tutor could provide additional feedback on how your child can improve. 
  • Tutors can share which studying techniques are effective and which ones are not, so students know how to study better. 

How are we different from other tutoring companies?

Our tutors are dedicated and committed to your child’s success. We want to ensure they succeed and reach their goals, no matter what they want to achieve. Our tutors know what has made previous students successful in the past. We have experience with tutoring and understand the education system in Ontario. Our tutors can prepare students to write the LSAT or MCAT to get into law, medical, and other schools like dental or physiotherapy. XtraLearn is a leading tutoring service provider in Ontario. We offer tutoring services in subjects such as English and French, math and science, and many more.

Contact us today by calling 800-716-9525 or emailing xtralearn@xtralearn.com for more information about in-home or online tutoring.

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