What’s the Difference Between In-Home Tutoring vs Online Tutoring?

In this day and age, many parents hire a tutor for their child. However, when you do, you have to decide whether to hire an in-home tutor or a virtual tutor. What are the differences between in-home tutoring and online tutoring? Which one is better? This blog post will share some advantages and disadvantages of each to give you a better idea of what type of tutor to hire for your child. 

What is in-home tutoring? 

A tutor comes to your house and helps your child review course material and prep for upcoming tests. 

What is online tutoring?

A tutor meets with a student virtually on a computer, smartphone, or tablet through the Internet.

Advantage of in-home tutoring 

  • Personal: Having a tutor come to your house makes for a more personal learning experience. The tutor can work one-on-one with your child in person, which is beneficial for kids who are more hands-on learners. Since the tutor is in the room with the student, the child can interact one-on-one and establish a better relationship with the tutor. 

A disadvantage of in-home tutoring 

  • Cost: Because a tutor has to commute to your house, hiring an in-home tutor is often more expensive than a virtual tutor. What is more, because the tutor might have a long commute to your home, it’s not as convenient and limits days and times when he or she can come to your home. 

Advantage of online tutoring 

  • Convenience: A virtual tutor is convenient for all parties, and as a result, online tutoring is less expensive than in-home tutors. As long as your child has access to the web, online tutoring is possible. Plus, the tutors themselves don’t have to commute far, which makes it easier for them. Online tutoring has become more and more popular because of its flexibility. 

A disadvantage of online tutoring 

  • Distractions: Without a tutor in the room, kids might become distracted more easily. As such, online tutoring isn’t as effective, especially for younger children who learn better by having an in-home tutor. 

Overall, both in-home tutoring and online tutoring can be effective for your kid. As with everything, there are pros and cons to both tutoring methods. Weigh the good and the bad when deciding what type of tutor to hire for your child. You can have the best of both worlds by hiring an in-home tutor along with an online one. 

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